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Get a Fair Cash Offer From a Trusted Cash Home Buyer. At Project Real Estate Colorado, we match you with fully vetted cash buyers who place competing bids on your home assuring you get the best cash offer.

Looking to maximize your home's potential? We also fund the renovation to sell on the market at a higher price!

When to consider Project Real estate colorado

Urgent Sales Due to Relocation:

If you're moving out of Denver or facing other urgent circumstances, our streamlined process ensures a quick and efficient home sale, allowing you to move forward without delay.

Struggling with Mortgage Payments in Denver:

Falling behind on your mortgage can be stressful. We offer a quick sale option to Denver homeowners, helping you avoid potential financial pitfalls.

Denver Homes Needing Repairs:

Don't worry about costly and time-consuming repairs. We buy Denver homes in any condition, saving you the hassle of renovations.

Selling Rental Properties in Denver:

Ready to part with a troublesome rental property in Denver? We simplify the process, making it easy to sell and move on from your investment.

Inherited Properties in Denver:

Inheriting a property in Denver you don't want or can't maintain? We provide a straightforward solution to sell inherited homes quickly and efficiently.

Avoid Traditional Sale Hassles in Denver:

Skip the stress of showings, staging, and open houses in Denver's dynamic real estate market. Our service is designed for those who value convenience and speed.

What types of offers can you expect?

Straight cash offer

  • Best for: Sellers who need fast cash

  • Earning Potential: 50-65% of After Repair Value

  • Closing Time: As little as 14 days

Accepting a cash offer from an investor is often the quickest path to selling your Denver, Colorado home. Homeowners who choose this fast-selling option can expect to close the deal in as little as 1–2 weeks. It's important to note, however, that this convenience typically comes with a trade-off: sellers might receive approximately 50-65% of their property's after-repair value, which is the estimated market value post-renovations and repairs.

Novation agreement

  • Best for: Sellers who want to maximize their home value without the hassle of making repairs.

  • Earning Potential: 80-85% of market value, paid at closing

  • Closing time: 45-60 days+, depending on the extent of the renovations.

With a novation agreement, Colorado homeowners have a unique opportunity to maximize their home sale without the upfront hassle. In this arrangement, we take on the responsibility of renovating your property before selling it on the open market. You, the homeowner, receive a pre-agreed sum at closing, while we benefit from any additional profit generated from the sale.

This innovative approach significantly reduces our initial expenditure, as we cover only the renovation costs, not the purchase price of the property. For you, it means the potential to sell your Colorado home at a higher price point, reflecting its value post-improvement.

This strategy aligns well with the desires of Colorado property owners seeking a straightforward, no-fuss sale, while also aiming for a better return on their investment post-renovations.

Seller financing

  • Best for: Tired landlords and Sellers who don't need a lump sum and would prefer consistent monthly payments in exchange for a higher price

  • Earning potential: 100-110% of market value

  • Closing timeline: 30-60 days, with additional monthly payments made over a set period of time

Seller financing offers a unique advantage for Colorado property owners who fully own their homes and are looking to generate steady cash flow over time. This approach is particularly appealing to those interested in the financial perks of renting out their property, such as regular income, without the responsibilities and hassles of being a landlord.

In this arrangement, the buyer provides an initial down payment directly to the seller, followed by monthly payments that cover the remainder of the home’s price. These payments typically span 5–30 years, based on the terms outlined in the financing agreement. The deal concludes with a balloon payment at the end of the term, covering any outstanding balance.

One of the key benefits for sellers in Colorado is the ability to charge interest on these payments, potentially earning 110–120% of the property's market value over the duration of the contract. Furthermore, seller financing can offer tax advantages, as the income from the sale is received incrementally, potentially mitigating immediate capital gains taxes.

This financing model is ideal for Colorado homeowners seeking a beneficial way to transition from property ownership without relinquishing financial gains.

Subject-to agreement

  • Best for: Sellers who are behind on their mortgage payments

  • Earning potential: Whatever equity you have in the home, minus back payments.

  • Closing time: As little as 7 days

A "Subject To" real estate transaction is a strategic financing solution for buyers and sellers in the property market, particularly appealing within the competitive real estate landscape of Colorado. This method allows a buyer to take over the payments of the seller's existing mortgage, with the property's title transferring to the buyer while the loan remains under the seller's name.

For Colorado sellers, a "Subject To" deal can be a swift path to unloading property responsibilities, bypassing the complexities of foreclosures or short sales. It ensures continuous mortgage payments, safeguarding the seller's credit score, and provides a quick exit strategy from property ownership.

At Project Real Estate Colorado, we go the extra mile to safeguard our sellers in "Subject To" transactions, ensuring their peace of mind and financial security. Recognizing the importance of maintaining the seller's credit score, we proactively set aside several months' worth of mortgage payments in an escrow account. This strategic approach guarantees that, even if an unforeseen circumstance such as a tenant missing a payment occurs, the mortgage continues to be paid on time, thereby protecting the seller's credit rating.

We understand that extraordinary situations, however unlikely, can arise. That's why our agreements include a robust performance clause. In the most unprecedented event—say, if our team were unexpectedly 'abducted by aliens'—this clause ensures that the seller is comprehensively protected. Not only would the property revert back to the seller, but it would also include all the enhancements we've made during our stewardship, alongside a reduced mortgage balance reflecting the payments made up to that point.

At Project Real Estate Colorado, we're committed to creating secure, beneficial "Subject To" transactions that stand the test of time and unforeseen events. Our proactive measures are designed to ensure that our sellers are as shielded as possible, providing a level of security and confidence unmatched in the Colorado real estate market.


How Fast can we close?

Depending on your timeline and type of deal we can close as fast as 7 days.

What sets Project Real Estate Colorado apart from other real estat.e companies?

At Project Real Estate Colorado, we prioritize transparency, security, and the individual needs of each homeowner. Our innovative approaches, like the "Subject To" transactions, are designed to provide maximum benefit and ease to homeowners, ensuring a smooth and stress-free selling experience.

What do homeowners say about their experience with Project Real Estate Colorado?

Our clients consistently report feeling relieved and supported throughout their selling process. They value our transparent communication, understanding of their personal circumstances, and the comprehensive protections we provide. Testimonials from satisfied clients are available on our website, showcasing the positive experiences homeowners have had with us.

How does Project Real Estate Colorado stay ahead in the real estate industry?

We're committed to continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring we stay ahead of market trends and legal considerations in the real estate industry. Our team regularly undergoes training and research to bring innovative and effective solutions to our homeowners.

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